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Livewire Prototyping Inc. was founded in 2002 to respond to the prototyping needs of the Pacific Northwest. Our prototyping services are marketed towards designers and engineers, as well as the Puget Sound Industrial Design community.

Livewire Prototyping works with a very broad range of clients, providing solutions from research and development to prototyping all the way to manufacturing tooling during the product development process. We provide extremely fast turnaround (overnight service is not uncommon!), competitive pricing, the latest technology, and top-quality precision craftsmanship. Working from printed drawings, CAD databases and even cocktail napkin sketches, Livewire’s 3-axis CNC machining center can sculpt with amazing precision and lightning fast speed.

Livewire Prototyping creates high-quality visual and form study models, prototypes, and duplicates for a wide variety of companies. Model making is our core business specialty with an emphasis on quality, detail and turnaround. Taking your design to a three-dimensional state by means of CNC machining is what Livewire Prototyping does best.

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